A small independent project from a local watch lover

My name is Alex and I moved to Bienne a couple years ago. As a watch lover, it's been a treat living in what is considered as the global capital of watchmaking. When collector friends from Zurich, Geneva, or outside of Switzerland have come to visit, they've been amazed at the local "watch tourism" experiences.

Because a lot of the places they would not have discovered without a local "guide" (in this case, me), I thought I should collect a few tips about how to best experience the local opportunities for visiting, exploring, discovering and, for those who want to, shopping, while also writing a few blog posts with some local insights.

This is a one-person side project (although am trying to get help from my kids!), so there are many imperfections, but hopefully you'll understand, and I'll do my best to improve things over time. 


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