Omega HQ

Conveniently located right next to the museum, the Omega HQ is a beautiful set of buildings, on the historical site where the brand has been for over 150 years. The most recent addition, the new production facility, is also the work of Shigeru Ban. Outside the HQ boutique is a full-size rendering of the Lunar Module used in Apollo missions (more on why this matters to Omega here). The restoration center is also there, for those who want to bring in a vintage timepiece in need of professional attention. Just behind the building, alongside the river, is an industrial chimney from the early days with the original Omega writing.

Further reading on Made in Bienne:

Interview: Raynald Aeschlimann, President & CEO of Omega Understanding the Lunar Module Outside Omega HQ

A 10 minute bus ride from main train station. Here is the location on Google Maps.

Estimated visit time: 15 minutes, in combination with a museum tour, or 45 minutes if you take the walk alongside the river.