Immersion into OMEGA

Who is this for? Serious fans of OMEGA watches
How long will it take? About 3h
How much will it cost? Just the bus tickets (2x 2.30 CHF), unless you buy a watch 🙂
When can it be done? Any day apart from Monday and public holidays (when the museum is closed). The walking parts will be more pleasant when the weather is nice.
Chapter 1: The Original OMEGA site in Bienne?
20 minutes, including bus

Why does it matter? Read here

  • From the train station, take Bus 1 going towards “Stadium/Stades” and get off at “BBZ/CFP” (7 stops, 8 minutes). Tickets can be purchased directly on the bus, including with payment card.
  • The site is located on the street where you get off (Rue de Boujean), at number 31.
  • You will probably not want to spend more than a few minutes , as there is not much to do apart from squint through the glass door. Still, you will have been to where OMEGA’s adventure started in Bienne!
Chapter 2: OMEGA Headquarters
30 minutes, including 7 min walk from the previous stop

What is there to see? Here is an overview.

  • Facing 31 Rue de Boujean, walk 50m to your left and cross the road. Take Rue de la Gurzelen, and walk towards Omega HQ (you can’t miss it!) for about 7 minutes. There is only one direction possible but for the record, you will be heading South West.
  • You will arrive near the HQ security gate, in front of the main administrative building, where the CEO’s office is located. From there, walk to your right, alongside the new production site, designed by Shigeru Ban. It’s worth going all the way, to admire the cone-shaped ventilation towers.
  • Walk back on your footsteps, passed where you initially arrived, to reach the plaza where the Lunar Module (and, in my personal opinion, OMEGA’s most beautiful building) is located.
Chapter 3: OMEGA Museum
1h30 min on average, could be more

What is there to see? Here is an overview.

  • Right to the left of the Lunar Module is the entrance to the Cité du Temps, the unit that hosts both the Swatch and OMEGA museums. While it’s definitely worth visiting the Swatch part as well, the timing estimate here assumes you visit OMEGA only.
  • The museum offers a very linear and self-explanatory experience. Actual duration will vary depending on how deep you want to go on any given section.
  • There is a mini souvenir shop at reception. It has some nice memorabilia at an almost surprisingly reasonable price.
Chapter 4: OMEGA Boutique
15 minutes

What is there to see? Here is an overview.

  • Just behind the Lunar Module, to the left of the Cité du Temps entrance, is OMEGA’s HQ boutique.
  • The timing indication here assumes you will browse only. If you plan to buy a watch, you will probably want to stay longer!

Returning to Bienne Train Station: 12 minutes

  • Right across the street from the plaza where the boutique is located is the “Omega” bus stop that will take you back to the station. (the one on the same side of the street goes in the other direction)
  • Any of lines 2, 3 or 4 will get you there in about 10 minutes, including wait.