Other Watch Brand HQs

While Omega, Rolex and Swatch are the kings of Bienne watchmaking, many other fantastic brands also have their HQ here. Some have a beautiful building, like Ubran Jürgensen, pictured here, or Glycine, in the old town (which I will cover in the sopping section, as it is co-located with their boutique). Others, such as Hamilton, Doxa, have a more common external façade. The Movado building, shared with its brands Ebel and Concord, cannot be missed if you are arriving by train. Hermes is just outside of Bienne city itself. Some other brands that used to be based in Bienne no longer are, such as Heuer, which spent over 100 years here before going to La-Chaux-de-Fonds – the Heuer Bienne days will be the topic of a dedicated blog post.

The Google Maps links are in the paragraph above. Additionally, here is a list of all Bienne watch brands, with their address.