From Bienne to Your Dream Watch with Miguel Bolea

Every time I think I’ve just about seen it all in the world of Bienne watchmaking, someone proves me wrong. Miguel Bolea did just that. He is the founder of DYW Bespoke. DYW stands for “Develop Your Watch”.

What “Made in Bienne” Is… and What It’s Not!

I generally take two weeks off at the end of the year to recharge and do a bit of thinking. It’s a good opportunity to look back with some pause, and reflect. I try to review a bunch of things, such as how to better organize the house, better help the kids, be more effective at work

Meditating in Front of the Moon…watch Movement

I had originally planned to end 2022 with the Bienne Watch of the Year. A nice way to finish on a high note, especially that the election was a true community effort. But then, I somewhat by chance got my hands, or rather my eyes, on a series of photos

The MoonSwatch is Elected Bienne Watch of the Year

1969 and the Moon landing aside, 2022 may be the greatest year the Omega Speedmaster has ever known. The iconic chronograph saw its classic ’57 collection revamped, broke horological boundaries with the Chrono Chime and finally made it to the wish-list

From Lancaster to Bienne, Hamilton Turns 130

In Switzerland, Biel/Bienne is known for its diversity. A German and French bilingual town, within commute distance to Zurich, Geneva, Basel, Lausanne and Bern, it hosts people from all across the country. Walking down the streets