Bienne Watch Company Horage Innovates for Ukraine

Founded just 15 years ago, Horage is one of the most recent Bienne watch companies. While it doesn't have the household recognition of our flagship brands such as OMEGA, Rolex and Swatch, it is getting a lot of attention among watch collectors for its ambitious, creative and well-priced offerings. I actually plan to visit them early April for the first time to get an inside view, and share it with you all on this blog.

Before that, I wanted to contribute to bring attention to an important initiative Horage launched on Tuesday, ongoing until April 5. They are offering 6 prototypes of their highly anticipated Supersede micro-rotor GMT watch (a total of $42,000 in value), with all proceeds going to purchasing food for Ukrainian refugees through the Crowdfarming platform.

The way it works is simple: anyone can donate, and every dollar constitutes a "ticket" for a lottery that will take place April 5. 6 winners will be drawn in total. If you love watches and want to support an important cause, go here to find out more.