Meditating in Front of the Moon…watch Movement

I had originally planned to end 2022 with the Bienne Watch of the Year. A nice way to finish on a high note, especially that the election was a true community effort. But then, I somewhat by chance got my hands, or rather my eyes, on a series of photos I hadn’t seen anywhere else. And for the reason I’ll explain below, that made me reconsider.

The photos in question were recently produced for Omega. The series captures a breakout of the 261 different components that form the 3861 movement, the caliber found inside the new generation of the Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch.

When I started staring at the images, I paradoxically soon stopped thinking about watchmaking (which, for me, is not an easy task). I guess I was just mesmerized by the beauty of the different parts separated from each other but still intrinsically connected by their shape. When looking at them, you can somewhat tell they are meant to be united.

I don’t know if the end of year fatigue encouraged this, but, as I continued to observe the cosmically disposed elements, I entered into somewhat of a meditative state. And so I thought that some of you might enjoy it too. With Omega’s permission, I’m reproducing below the photography among the set that most caught my attention. The components, over a star-filled background, seem to float, as in a low gravity environment.

Technical specifications and other such considerations can wait for another day. For now, may I suggest we both just take a deep breath and contemplate the magic below?

I look forward to seeing you next year – Alex

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