MoonSwatch scarcity, seen from Bienne

10 days have now passed since the MoonSwatch was introduced to the world. I don’t think anyone expected the frenzy the as made in Bienne as it gets collaboration would trigger. The waiting lines on that Saturday were wild, pretty much all around the globe (read about how it was in Bienne here). And only a few people ended up getting what they wanted that day.

Swatch was very clear from the onset that it’s not a limited edition, with the 11 watches eventually widely available both online and in store. Still, impatience boosts demand, and Swatch store staff have since seen people coming in or calling to ask about availability on an ongoing basis. Sometimes, whether in Bangkok, Paris or New York, a simple delivery taking place in front of the boutique will trigger rumors, and lines, even if the delivery was totally unrelated. Sadly, some flippers have managed to make a quick buck by selling the watch for several times what it costs (and what it’s worth!).

Bienne is no exception to the ongoing excitement. At least once a day, a “sign” will trigger a collective gathering, with groups of people waiting outside the Swatch HQ Drive-Thru. Occasionally, rightly so, although stocks are always scarce and sell out within about 30 minutes. And sometimes, like yesterday, based on a false alarm: everyone eventually went back to what they were doing, empty-handed.

What is notable though in Bienne is that among those hoping to get their hands on the MoonSwatch, there is a significant level of both Swatch and OMEGA employees, including folks from management. Their offices are a few meters away, and they will take advantage of a lunch break to pop by, or check in after work. This, I think, says two very positive things about the project.

First, the teams that know the brands from the inside are genuinely excited about these watches. They want one, or several, as much as the thousands of other fans in waiting lines around the globe. Second, it means that given the anticipated temporary scarcity, regular customers were respected: no line-cutting pass, both literally and figuratively, was given to Swatch or OMEGA employees (at least certainly not to the vast majority of them).

I guess this adds to the long list of things to like about the MoonSwatch, not that it needs it (quite the opposite!). Hopefully, in a few weeks, everyone who wanted one will have it on their wrist. Including those who made it!

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9 months ago

it is indeed commendable that everyone is on the same terms