Authorized Dealers

It can be nice to purchase a watch from the city where it was made. Your warranty card will say “Bienne” on it, and the person selling it to you typically knows the brand very well. Here are the local branded boutiques and authorized retailers for the main Bienne brands. 

Omega HQ Boutique

Swatch HQ Drive-Thru

Omega and Certina @Jacques Tissot

Hamilton @Christ

La Maison Glycine

Note: Rolex had an AD in Bienne until January 2022. That is no longer the case but I will continue to monitor the situation and update this section accordingly. 

Vintage & Second Hand 

You can make some great finds in Bienne, but to avoid disappointment, it’s worth being cautious of open hours, as most places below only open a few days a week, and/or during half a day. There are several other places to choose from, the ones mentioned here are my personal “go-to” destinations. 

Dario Ratti Horloger

Charles-Louis Muri

Horlogerie Herrli

Cash Converters Bienne

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