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VIP Watch Tour

I will occasionally organize VIP Tours, exclusively for the purpose of raising funds for the Red Cross.

Please note: Made in Bienne is not directly affiliated with the Red Cross but runs campaigns using tools provided by the Swiss Red Cross, enabling donors to give directly to the Red Cross who receive 100% of proceeds.

Here is how the VIP Tour works: 

  • Entirely bespoke. I spend time listening to what interests you: brands, type of watches, types of experiences. The Tour, over a full day, is designed from beginning to end specifically for you.

  • Many things are open to the public, and others I will make accessible via my local knowledge and network. But that does not mean everything is within reach. I will do my best each time.

  • Examples of activities include: tour of Omega and Swatch museums, discovery of the original Rolex building, private presentations in local watch boutiques (both vintage and new), visiting an independent watch brand, meeting with a local watchmaker, etc.  

  • The Tour always includes a meal in one of my favorite Bienne restaurants, selected according to your tastes.

  • By VIP, I don't mean you will necessarily be treated like the CEO of a listed company. Rather, I will treat you as a friend, and I like to think I take decent care of my friends, especially when they visit Bienne!

  • The VIP Tour can be scheduled up until a year after the Red Cross campaign has ended, at your convenience (subject to my availability but I am pretty flexible).

  • Housing and transportation to Bienne are not included (but once you are here, you will be my guest!)